Elcon PFC 5000W Charger

Elcon PFC 5000W Charger
model number TCCH-5000W
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Elcon chargers are programmed to your specifications and shipped from the Elcon facility in California.
A sealed 5000 W charger with an output voltages range from 48VDC to 389VDC and current range from 40A to 5A. Output current is dependent on input voltage and output voltage selected with maximum power being 5000W
1. Free custom programming to your exact requirements included with every charger. Also free email technical support and half-price reprogramming for the life of the charger.
2. Internal integrated PFC, no pollution to electric network, minimizes disturbance on electric network from heavy current.
3. Wide input voltage range AC85V~AC265V available for worldwide requirements, convenient for electric-network fluctuation and vehicles exportation.
4. High efficiency, above 93%, while traditional chargers can meet only about 80% efficiency.
5. Intelligent temperature compensation function in the charging process, preventing damage to the battery caused by charge-off or charge due, greatly extending the lifespan of the battery.
6. Fully-sealed and water-proof, protection class IP46. Shock resistance treatment made inside makes vibration-proof level up to SAEJ1378 that can fully meet the standard of automobile appliance usage.
7. Available for various kind of LiFePO4 batteries. Flexible and programmable charging module. Ability to select 10 different Amp Hour or Cell Count settings. Equipped with CAN communication interface to realize real-time communication with BMS.
8. Includes two external AC cooling fans for long life.

Link for 5000 W Charger specifications.

In order to finalize the order we will need to know the following information to ensure the charger is configured properly for your situation:

1. The make, model and quantity of batteries you are charging?
2. Are your batteries lead acid (flooded, gel or AGM), or lithium (LiFePO4 or Li Ion), or other (NiCad or NiMH)?
3. Are you using a BMS?. Which BMS control method is required (enable/disable, 2-5V control, or CAN bus control)? CAN bus control is $100 additional.
4. Desired charging algorithm

Elcon charging algorithm can be found here.

Link for 5000 W Charger specifications.

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