Elcon CAN bus Adapter

Elcon CAN bus Adapter
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If your Elcon PFC charger has been programmed for CAN Bus control the CAN Bus adapter allows you to control the charger through a CAN bus signal from your BMS or other CAN bus controller. Pin 1 of the adapter must be connected to CAN-Lo from your BMS and pin 2 to CAN-Hi. If your BMS does not already have a 120 ohm termination resistor across CAN-Lo and CAN-Hi, you will need to add one. The charger expects to receive a message from the BMS with CAN ID 1806E5F4 and 8-byte data with the voltage and current requested every second. If the charger doesn't receive a valid CAN message in 5 seconds, it stops charging until it receives a valid CAN message. The charger sends out a CAN status message with voltage, current and status information every second. Up to 4 chargers with different CAN IDs 1806E5F4, 1806E7F4, 1806E8F4 and 1806E9F4 can be connected to the same CAN bus and be controlled by one BMS.

If you order a charger with a CAN bus adapter we do not need a charging algorithm. We only need to know:
1. The maximum safety voltage to set. The safe voltage is normally set just above the maximum charge voltage you need as a backup to the CAN controller.
2. The customer's primary use will be on 115VAC or 230VAC so we can program accordingly.
3. If the primary is a 115VAC circuit the customer wants to program for 15A or 20A draw from the wall outlet.
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