CALB CA40FI Lithium Battery

CALB CA40FI Lithium Battery
model number CA40FI
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This is the newest lithium battery from the China Aviation Lithium Battery Company (CALB). It is lighter than CALB’s previous SE offerings with, improved cold weather capacity, and longer cycle life. 40 ampere-hour capacity. 3.2v nominal voltage. Shipping rates are approximate. For batteries shipping is to the closest UPS freight service center at no extra charge. Due to the variability in shipping costs because of weight and location differences, you will be refunded/charged for differences on shipping for batteries. If you desire shipment to your home there will be an additional charge. UPS Freight will charge $120 extra for a residential delivery, plus $110 extra for a lift gate truck request if required.
CALB CA40FI Specifications
Nominal Capacity: 40Ah @ 0.3C Discharging
Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Charging (CC-CV): Max Charging Current: 1C
Charging Upper Limit Voltage: 3.65V
Maximum Discharging Current: 2C
Discharging Cut-off: 2.5V
Standard Charging time: 4h
Quick Charging time: 1h
Recommended SOC Usage Window: 10%˜90%
Charging Temp Limits: 0°C˜45°C
Discharging Temp Limits: -20°C˜55°C
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm): 181 X 116 X 46 mm
Battery weight: Around 1.4kg

Link for CA40FI specifications.

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