BEVs & PHEVs Links

EVTV – A weekly show on Electric Vehicles.  Absolutely not politically correct but well thought out ideas that are supported by testing, data and numerous failures that they don’t shy away from showing on the show.

DIY Electric Car Forum – Internet forum with thousands of posts on all things Electric Vehicles.  Like all Internet forums they can be a wealth of both good and bad advice.

ChargedEV – An online and print magazine on electric vehicles.  Has daily posts on online version.

Inside EVs – Online Electric Vehicle magazine with daily posts.

Prius Chat Forums – Internet forum specializing on the Toyota Prius.  Has entire section dedicated to PHEV modifications to the Prius.

Interesting and informative 48 min video on the history and development of the electric car.  Definitely a European production but a good recap of where EVs started and where we are.

Interesting 10 minute video bu Fully Charged that discusses petroleum powered vehicles vs EVs and the retaliative CO2 released for each.  Very British and kind of fun in a wierd kind of way  🙂