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I considered myself to be a closet environmentalist.  OK so maybe I am not in the closet anymore but I firmly believe that we only have one planet to live on (at least for now) and we need to take care of it.   I also believe that the major reason for the gulf and Afghanistan wars centers on our need for foreign oil.  If we didn’t need the oil we wouldn’t be there.  I am willing to spend extra to help solve both these issues, but am not willing to make a lot of sacrifices for it. Fortunately, with electric vehicles I don’t have too.  My current vehicle cost less than half of what my Prius cost to run in fuel, and in my opinion is a lot cooler.  🙂  I am also not sending any of my energy money to the Middle East and for every mile I drive I eliminate about a pound of CO2 emissions.  My only sacrifice is that it will only go about 100 miles on a charge, but guess what, I only drive about 30 miles a day, and can refuel in my garage when I am sleeping, so it works for me.

I built my first Battery Electric Vehicle in 1995 and took it to Puerto Rico  with me while I was stationed in Aguadilla PR with the Coast Guard.  It was an early 1970 Chevy Luv mini pickup.  I used the best components I could from the time but at the end of three years the lead acid batteries were shot.  It was a great truck but but had limited range and life due to the batteries available at the time.

My current electric vehicle is a 1986 Nissan 300ZX which I converted in 2011.  It took me about a year to convert in my barn and is my daily driver.

  • Completed February 2011
  • Over 20,000 Electric miles reducing my carbon emissions by over 20,000 lbs.
  • Electricity costs $0.03 per mile
  • Original EPA Fuel Economy Ratings 16 City 23 Highway
  • Equivalent Gas Cost $0.48- $0.69 per gallon
  • Max speed greater than 80MPH.  I have had it to about 80-=85 and it still could go faster.
  • Range approximately 80 miles
  • Batteries are manufactured by the China Aviation Lithium Battery Company (CALB)
  • Life expectancy of batteries if discharge to less than 70% of capacity is 3000 cycles or 2000 cycles at 80% discharge.
  • A cycle is a charge/discharge cycle
  • Expected battery life > 8 years
  • Car has 47 batteries for 153VDC total pack voltage


My Daily Driver

My Daily Driver

For more information on my car you can access the page on my car here.



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